About Us

Meridional TCS (MTCS) is a multi-national company that produces and distributes oleochemical products for various markets ranging from animal nutrition to industrial and biofuel markets. We are headquartered in Londrina PR, in the south region of Brazil.

Under its trading business, MTCS specializes in connecting sellers of oleochemicals to buyers both domestically and internationally. MTCS has a solid background in international trading and supply chain, so the Company is able to acquire oleochemical products, brand them and develop business solutions where we manage quality control, logistics and delivery. Meridional TCS is the market leader in crude and refined glycerin export business from Brazil as well as it holds a leading position in fatty acid business.

MTCS has a processing and storage facility in Ponta Grossa PR, Brazil, which is strategically located and provides significant logistical advantages to the Company. Ponta Grossa is an industrial hub located in the south east of Brazil, in an area with roads connecting the South Region of Brazil to the Southeast and Midwest, and it has access to railroads and 5 seaports.

Our facility provides inventory, processing and rigorous quality control testing for the products. Through processes that blend, decant, separate and evaporate, we are able to manage the overall stable quality of the sales inventory. As a result, MTCS provides a quality and large supply warranty to costumers.