In 2005, Meridional was established as a joint venture between TCS Produção de Bioenergia Ltda. and Premium Participações S/A. This partnership was successful since Meridional was able to benefit from the different expertise of these companies. 

TCS expertise lies in the planning, installment and implementation of Renewable Energy Projects in the European (initially in Austria & Germany) renewable energy industry since 1997, projects that range from vegetable oils and fats to biodiesel, biogas and biomass renewable energy application and industry consulting.

Premium was founded in 2000 and has developed in-depth expertise in oleochemicals trading, logistics thus developing solid business transactions. It has also worked as advisory and consultant to Brazilian agribusiness and reforestation industries. Premium has become an expert in national and international trading & logistics of commodities in bulk or in containers.

The synergy between both companies blossomed naturally allying local experience and European tradition, allowing Meridional TCS to present the market with products and solutions to its customers and partners with the best cost-benefit, logistics and delivery assurance of the market. Brazil has one of the most continuous government lead renewable industry incentives in modern history, starting with sugarcane ethanol (Proalcool Program) in latter half of the 1970`s, that culminated with international market recognition in late 90`s and the Brazilian 95% energy independence stated in 2006 by the Brazilian Government as well as the implementation of a successful National Biodiesel program in 2005. 

In 2007 MTCS concluded the assembly of its Vegetable Oils and Animal Fats Transesterification Plant in Premium`s 36,000 square meters property in the city of Ponta Grossa PR, Brazil, producing methyl esters, crude glycerin and fatty acids. The facility also served as a strategic base for quality control, storage and processing of glycerin and fatty acids acquired nationwide, in order to gather and consolidate larger volumes of these products with assured quality for the soaring demand of the international market.

MTCS trading started in the late half of 2007 and within 2 years it has become one of the leaders in Brazilian oleochemical market, with its core business being production, marketing and trading of: glycerin, fatty acids and esters allied with full logistics for foreign trade amidst a quality and delivery assurance commercial policy.

In recent years Meridional have reached different markets worldwide and developed higher value products maintaining its founding business principles.