Mission, Vision and Brand


To provide renewable, environmentally friendly products and services atsuperior value, to chemical and oleochemical related industries worldwide.


We believe Brazil should be in a leading position in the Oleochemical Global Industry and Meridional will take a leading role in transforming this opportunity into reality. We are committed to foster partnerships & merges to strengthen our supply chain. By developing novelty technologies and marketing superior value products, allied to establishing a solid export policy makes us in the right direction to achieve our full potential in the global market. Our products shall contribute to the social development for the communities where we are present as well as to produce safer and sustainable solutions to minimize the impact of industrial activities into the Brazilian and Global environment.


Our company logo was created from our company philosophy and is based on the Brazilian flag colors. Each color has a unique meaning and purpose in our daily operations:
Blue - Our business focuses on sustainable and renewable products in order to provide a better tomorrow for future generations;
Green - Brazil’s natural resources, with unlimited potential to produce clean and environmentally friendly products and services, makes us proud to be a global corporation;
Yellow - Represents wealth and the value chain we are able to create by sharing results of all operations with our stakeholders;
White - Represents a clean, lean and transparent business, always meeting the needs of our investors and key stakeholders.