What We Do

We are oleochemicals experts. Although the oleochemical industry dates from late eighteenth century, in recent years it has regained value.

There are various reasons for that, but we believe two are the key ones:
• The growing focus on environment and government policies fostering biofuels have resulted in tremendous growth in the renewable energy and biodiesel industries, especially in Latin America;
• New demand towards safer, cleaner and sustainable chemicals such as solvents, surfactants, plasticizers, emulsifiers have increased oleochemical demand for the region not only volume wise but also towards higher quality standards.

What are OLEOCHEMICALS? They are chemicals derived from plant oils and animal fats (oleochemicals are analog to petrochemicals). These cleaner, environmentally friendly alternatives to petrochemicals present many times better performance and, accordingly, very interesting value. Almost always they are safer than fossil origin chemicals. As a result, oleochemicals are now being used in products like cosmetics, paints, resins, oil drilling, lubricants, all purpose cleaning products (APCs) and huge variety of chemicals for feed and industrial applications.

Meridional has developed a sound business structure where we are able to cope with the many challenges of this industry, such as:
1. Careful analysis of raw materials fostering partnerships with key suppliers into a long term purchase relation;
2. In-depth customer analysis to develop highly valued solutions, matching or exceeding their expectations;
3. Consolidate volumes: develop strategic alliances to establish a lean timely supply chain thus enabling cost optimizations and strict quality controls.