3E (Eco-Efficient Energies)

Under BestFuel© Brand, we have developed a non-petroleum based fuel to heat and steam generation (boilers) systems. Our products possess a high Calorific Power content (at least 90% of standard petroleum boiler oils) and usually don’t require significant changes in traditional equipment’s. On top of that, they are very cost competitive (value per generated calorie) and present a much lower carbon footprint.

We have a technical team to support customers analyzing which minimal changes in their current heat generating systems are required thus providing detailed directions on how to successfully operate and fully profit from BestFuel© products.

Our initial line-up is:
BestFuel S - A premium burning fuel with low levels of ash and sulphur. It requires a 45ºC minimum operation temperature;
BestFuel T - Presents lower operation temperature levels (maximum 30-35ºC) and it has been designed for systems without temperature control and/or heating tanks.