Acid Oil - Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are materials that derivate from the processing of vegetable oils. Processes such as vegetable oil refining, oleochemical, biodiesel production, among other activities that processes and purifies oils and fats generates by products that after processed will became fatty acids. Fatty acids are a versatile product with several applications such as production of biodiesel, paints & resins, fertilizers, anti-dust, anti-cake and lubricants.

Meridional can offer a wide range of different fatty acids with quality assurance as well as tailor made products according to our customer needs. The products are:
• MTCSAG52 - Soy fatty acids;
• MTCSAG53 - Vegetable fatty acids;
• MTCSAG55 - Palm fatty acids;
• MTCSAGDD - Soy fatty acids distillates rich in tocopherols (vitamin E).